About Us

SPLIFF® was founded in 1995 and is based in Amsterdam, cannabis capital of the free world. As a young and dynamic enterprise with two young guns at the helm hungry for success we are definitely in touch with the target audience; cannabis lovers.

We frequent many cannabis fairs at home and abroad as exhibitors as well as visitors to stay on top of the latest trends and developments in this constantly evolving market. Through these fairs and through our pro-active approach of potential customers (visits, as exhibitors in fairs, mailings etc.) we have successfully expanded to reach many new customers.

As a creative and innovative company we are constantly developing new products to meet the customers ever-changing demands. As a result we have fast gained our spot in a short period of time in this competitive market with our competitive prices and superior-quality products.

Our mission

One goal, one vision, one 'burning' ambition: by being creative and innovative we try to meet the ever-changing demands and needs with competitive prices and superior-quality products.

Our vision

We aim to provide innovative, creative and meaningful products with an excellent price-quality proportion to meet end users needs. Furthermore, by ensuring all orders are processed and shipped in an efficient and timely manner we try to convince current customers we are a reliable partner. By maintaining close, personal contact with our customers we hope to build a solid relationship. Our way of operating will, in our vision, attract new customers. They will in turn endorse our company and through word-of-mouth promote our company to others. We believe a reliable partner with an excellent reputation, combined with a good range of products will persuade potential, new customers to do business with us. We believe that our solid track-record speaks for itself.

To order any of our products online, please register your business with us. 

We salute you,

The Spliff crew